Can I visit the studio?

Please book an appointment with the link below before dropping by, as we do not keep regular hours.

Visit Janaki Larsen Studios

Are you accepting commissions?

This depends on our current work load. Please email with what you are hoping to have made. Take into consideration commissions can take 10 to 12 weeks.

Are you accepting wholesale accounts?

At this time our production is only capable of supplying our own outlets.

What is the best way to keep up with product (most especially, ceramics) updates and special events?

Product and ceramic updates are announced on our Instagram account. For special events related to Janaki Larsen Studios, you can sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of the home page.

How is this place related to Le Marché St. George?

Simply put, Le Marché St. George, La Fabrique St.George and Janaki Larsen Studios were conceived from the same family while Janaki Larsen Studios is solely run by Janaki.

I changed my mind about this item I purchased from the studio/pop-up. Can I get a refund?

We cannot accommodate returns, refunds or cancellations. Thank you for understanding.

Sale taxes

No sales taxes are added to US or international orders. Canadian sales taxes are added according to each province's specific tax laws.

The buyer agrees that they are responsible for all duty, taxes and expenses associated with importing product from Canada. These fees are not included in the shipping costs.

Carrier Loss

Janaki Larsen will not be liable for loss in shipment or delivery.

Shipping Damages

Janaki Larsen Studios does not take responsibility for goods that have been damaged during shipment as a result of poor handling or storage.

My package says “delivered” but I haven’t received it yet?

There are a few steps that you can take to try and determine where your package is:

Contact your local postal service, and ask to speak to someone directly. They may have more information on where it was left.

Did one of your neighbours accidentally collect your package?

Is your mail area secure? Are packages left unattended where you live?

Please note that Janaki Larsen Studio is not liable or responsible for packages that have been stolen or left unattended.

Shipping times may become longer than the estimated times due to factors outside of our control. Janaki Larsen Studio is not responsible for delays caused by customs.

We will send you a tracking number once your order has been packed at our studio. Once your package has left our premises you assume all responsibility. Please double check your address.

If a ceramics get lost in the mail or break we unfortunately can not refund you. If you are shipping we highly recommend using Route Insurance at checkout. They will keep you covered.

Changes to ceramics over time

My ceramics are intended to record the history of their use over time.

The clay body is durable, but over periods of frequent use, expect to see variations on their surfaces.

Things in nature are always in a constant state of change and transformation. I find profound beauty in imperfections and unexpected, natural occurrences. For this reason, I do not use glossy, flawless glazes.

The Matte glaze is porous by nature and will absorb colours from certain foods & spices, like curries, turmeric, beets, and tomato sauce.

A simple and gentle scrub with water and baking soda takes most, if not all, of those stains out. Cutlery marks can be scrubbed off with a sprinkling of ‘Bar Keepers Friend’, or ‘Norex’. As for the micro cracks, those are one of my favourite features of the glaze.

These are all dishwasher safe when time does not permit the luxury of hand washing.